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Pioneering Innovation for Political Campaigns, Non-Profit Organizations, and Businesses

We offer fully managed communications for political campaigns ranging from voter identification, email marketing, ad campaigns, and driving engagement through targeted SMS & MMS services to empower political candidates.

Political Campaigns

We help non-profit organizations innovate communications with donors, members, and automated triggers for marketing campaigns. Move away from traditional communications into our fully managed offerings that help raise funds, engage members, and grow.

Non-Profit Organizations

We automate repetitive tasks for businesses and keep more money in their pockets by segmenting communication efforts. Whether you want to collect debt or survey your customers, we have a scalable solution for you. Transform communications for your business with JasperVOCAL.


President & CEO

Marco Soares

Drives dynamic business expansion, spearheads innovative software development initiatives, and orchestrates seamless day-to-day operations

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Smith

Guiding financial stability and prosperity, Peter architects strategic plans and targets, navigating each quarter with precision and foresight

Enterprise Sales Representative (Spanish)

Brenda Fuentes

Directs Spanish client relations and crafts sales strategies and proposals tailored for Spanish prospects

Data Architect | Data Engineer

Yuri Galvão

Merges military and AI education with Python and Data Engineering skills to ensure precise data management and IT support for clients

VP Political Stakeholder Relations

Trent Brownlee

Oversees political stakeholder relations and pioneers strategies to penetrate key political arenas

Strategy Consultant

Evan Robinson

Crafts outreach strategies for political campaigns and provides analytical support through statistical reporting

Our team

Entrust your communications to a singular powerhouse—where we manage it all for you, ensuring tailored solutions and delivering exceptional results

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